M&D Dressing Table “Lady Margaret”

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Create a space for your daily beauty ritual! This vintage dressing table will make you feel like a princess or queen.

Find a new place for cosmetics, perfumes, comb, jewelry in this superb oval table with seven drawers and three mirrors. Make your order in things and especially in the place that only you belong to! Because every lady needs only a moment of her. Ready to share space in the bathroom with other family members – in a toilet table you can find storage space, a mirror and a comfortable stool.

The baroque-style make-up bar with a curved design embellishes every room and becomes an important and visible element. The well-arranged ornaments on the drawers and above the seat mirror or upholstery complement the romantic décor.

  • Elegant toilets, baroque white
  • 7 drawers provide space for your jewelery and cosmetics
  • romantic, floral decorations of the table
  • upholstered seats, comfortable (ornaments)
  • 2-in-1 Versatility – Mirror and table extension can be used together or separately.

The table’s extension of the mirror is removable and can be used as a make-up mirror or as a separate mirror, and a mirror-free table that can be used for storing, writing, or coffee table or manicure table.


Details • Dimensions (LxWxH):

  • weight: 90 x 40 x 146 cm
  • seating: 36 x 28 x 46 cm
  • chair (height): 46 cm
  • mirror (large): 54 x 39 cm
  • mirror (side x 2): 38 x 23.5 cm

Components / Equipment:

  • 3 mirrors
  • 2 small drawers
  • 5 large drawers
  • handles with floral decorations
  • seat decorated with ornaments


  • color: white alpine
  • upholstery seat: white
  • detachable upholstery
  • material: MDF and pine wood (it is durable and easy to clean)
  • protection against overturning and falling

Weight (set): about 26 kg

Time Delivery : 2-3 Weeks


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